We manage growth in a transparent, aware, and open manner. Every day is the right day to make innovative choices towards the transition.
Internal and external transparency. We pursue the glass company paradigm, convinced that it is the best solution for lasting market advantage. Industry expertise, vertical specialization, dynamic organization, close-knit team, horizontal and involved management, ability to network and cooperate.

It is our monthly magazine, distributed through newsletters, where we talk about communication and marketing issues and problems, especially in the tourism industry. A tool for growth and internal development, a platform for studying and analyzing the most topical issues relating to our industry, a positioning tool useful for developing the culture of communication with external audiences.
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It is the social enhancement association that develops research and training projects and initiatives.
We are engaged in research in collaboration with the University of Genoa and MA.DE, supported by the DEDE Destination Design network. A three-year project with the aim of creating a complete mapping of the governance and public and public-private decision-making systems of the tourism industry in Italy.

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Wikiroom is Studiowiki’s co working space. Creative people and
open brands into a common space.

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